Just Club aims to assist and protect players who risk themselves from the potential negative effects of gaming. Online poker is a skill game but it also involves lots of occasions where a significant amount of chips changing hands among participants. Online fantasy gaming also involves a lot of predictions and forecasting which may be aided by logical thinking and calculative analysis but may not work out eventually. So, while we pledge to entertain our users with an exciting and enjoyable gaming environment, we also fully understand the moral obligations and responsibilities that must be fulfilled by us. For this, we have employed various means to control who plays in our app and how much they play by incorporating features like account restriction and customer care support.
Age Restriction
It is important to us that all players registered on Just Club must be of age 13 years or above on the date of registration. Playing poker and fantasy games involve analysis of different situations and also a lot of predictive analytics for making informed decisions with financial implications. This requires an individual to be of certain age to start playing the game responsibly.
Account Restriction
We believe that playing online Poker and fantasy games require a certain level of maturity and level-headedness which some players may lack. So, to help those in need, we have a dedicated customer support team ready to restrict your access to your account upon your request. If you want to be blocked from a particular game type with which you have a compulsion and play other games on the site, you will be allowed to do so after informing our support team.
Set Limits to your Purchases
We believe that you should strictly manage your own budget while playing online games. Limit the number of times you purchase gems from Just Club and play strictly for entertainment purpose only.
Whenever you need any kind of help or assistance regarding your gaming issues, feel free to contact our customer care team. They are always there to guide you.